With the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) you can access the Online Services of the Public Administration by activating your Digital Identity.

If you have requested or are in possession of your card, immediately activate your CIE credentials, consisting of a Username and Password (level 1) and confirm your contacts to receive the temporary code that allows you to access services that require an additional security factor (level 2).

If you have a smartphone equipped with NFC technology, download the CieID app to access with the highest level of security (level 3). To access from PC you need an NFC reader and the CIE Software.

However, at present children between 5 and 18 years can only log on to educational institutes of all types and at all levels, including military schools and academies. No access is allowed until the age of 5 years.

Credenziali CIE
Credenziali CIE

Activate CIE credentials
(level 1 and 2)

For activation, the first half of the PUK code you received from the municipality when requesting the document is sufficient.

Entra con CIE
Immagine della Carta di Identità Elettronica CIE

Entra con CIE (level 3)  

Download CieID App to access online services with the highest level of security (level 3) and speed up access via QR code at all levels (1, 2 and 3).


Privacy Policy Regarding CIE Services (GDPR)