Discover how to apply for the Electronic Identity Card and use it at its best.

It is possible to apply for an Electronic Identity Card (CIE) at one’s Municipality of residence or domicile or, in the case of Italian citizens residing abroad, at the competent Consulate.

For the participating Italian Municipalities, it is possible to book an appointment with the online booking service.

Find out more about how to request and renew your CIE:

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Release and renew in Italy

You can request the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) at any Municipality; if you have a Paper Identity Card you can request it even before the deadline.

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Release and renew abroad

For citizens residing abroad and registered to AIRE, the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) can be requested at the Consulate of reference.

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Release and renew minors

The Electronic Identity Card (CIE) is an identification document that can be issued to minor Italian citizens from birth.

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