The Electronic Identity Card is personalized and printed by the Italian State Printing Works and Mint (Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato), which also provide the delivery to the address declared by the citizen.

For Italian residents, the applicat can select one of the following delivery methods at the time of request submission to the municipality:

  • to the permanent address;
  • to a preferred address;
  • to the Municipality.

In case of delivery to the home address or to a different address indicated by the citizen, it is necessary to observe the following recommendations, since the delivery is “personal”:


  • A complete address must be provided at the time of CIE request, including details of street name, house number, postal code, city, and province. Also, if present, unit and suite;
  • When requesting the CIE, it is possible to specify a delegate person for the withdrawal of the card. This person can collect the CIE in place of the applicat only if specifically authorized;
  • for minors under 14 years of age (or a person not authorized to withdraw the document) it is compulsory to appoint a delegate person;
  • at the indicated address there must be a doorbell or intercom bearing the name of the addressee or of the delegated person (appointed at the time of the request) and a letterbox in which to insert the possible notice of delivery (mod. 26) in case of absence of the addressee or the delegate.


  • When applying for the CIE, citizens must be informed about the delivery method: the CIE can be delivered only and exclusively to the applicant or to the delegate person;
  • When applying for the CIE, it is necessary to ask the citizen if a supplementary document proving the identity is available. On the contrary, it is necessary to indicate a delegate for the withdrawal or to opt for a town hall delivery.

The mail carrier, once arrived at the indicated address, will look for the name of the addressee or the delegate indicated on the application. The mail carrier will call the addressee or the delegate (by intercom or other means) and identify the person by a valid ID. Once identified, the envelope will be consigned with a handwritten signature attached to the delivery receipt.

In case the citizen is not present at the specified address at the time of delivery, the mail carrier will fill out a notice of failed delivery attempt and place it in the mailbox. The notice reports the number of the registered letter and the telephone number to contact to schedule a second delivery attempt. The citizen may request a second delivery within five working days from the date on the notice, after which the document will be delivered to the nearest post office and stored for a period of thirty calendar days.

During this period the citizen can withdraw the card at the post office. The withdrawal has to be completed exclusively by the applicant or by the delegate indicated in the request phase, therefore it is necessary to be in possession of a valid identity document. If the person concerned does not possess a valid identity or identification document, it can be shown for the withdrawal of the card as long as the person concerned declares that the data included in the document have not changed since the date of issue.

Should you not be in any of these conditions, the withdrawal will not be possible and you will be required to wait for the period of storage, after which the card will be sent to the issuing office, where the citizen can go for its withdrawal. In this case, it is recommended to opt for shipment to the Municipality at the moment of the request.

In case of unknown, untraceable, deceased, transferred person, or in case of refusal of delivery to the specified address, or if the address is wrong (inexact, non-existent, incomplete), the CIE is sent to the issuing office, where the citizen can withdraw it.

  • If the citizen opts for the withdrawal of the CIE at the local town hall, once the six working days indicated in the decree of December 23, 2015 have passed, it is possible to go to the town hall;
  • it is necessary to show to the clerk the receipt containing details and card number. Withdrawal from a municipal office other than the one where the request has been submitted is possible, upon agreement between the two municipalities in question and a clearance from the municipality where the request for the CIE was submitted;
  • collect the CIE from another municipality other than the one where the application has been submitted, which does not provide the CIE issuance service, is not possible.
For Municipalities, the tracking is possible through the CIEOnline platform (“Gestione richieste”) or by contacting CIE assistance for detailed information. For citizens it is possible to check the status of the shipment by connecting to the traceability service accessible at this link

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