The photo digitization procedure is performed by a special acquisition device provided in the municipalities where registration procedure is performed.

For the correct execution of the acquisition procedure, it is necessary to crop the photo, if necessary, to the following dimensions:

  • Width: 35mm
  • Minimum height: 45mm

The photo should be cropped s to ensure an image capture that portrays the whole face of the subject with no rotation (both lobes should be visible).

The photo must not be cropped to exclude the background or to straighten the head, nor must it be retouched, colored or tampered. The image must be tall enough to ensure that the face is contained entirely in the image and centered in the image frame so that the height of the eyes from the base of the frame is between a maximum of 31 mm and a minimum of 23 mm.

For the citizen it is also possible to bring a photograph on a digital USB support respecting, in addition to the above characteristics, the following ones:

  • Image definition: at least 400 dpi
  • File size: maximum 500kb
  • File format: JPG

The photo must be recent, not taken more than six months before.

The photo must not be folded, stapled, written on, tampered or damaged.






The photo must be printed on high quality paper in order to obtain digitized images of adequate quality and resolution.

The background should be uniform preferably light blue, beige, light brown, light gray, or white to increase the contrast between the background and the face.



The entire head and the top of the shoulders should be visible in the photo, so that the height of the face occupies between 70% and 80% of the height of the photo.



The photo must show only the subject. No other objects or subjects are allowed.



The face must not be inclined either sideways or vertically, and artistic positions (face turned, shoulders raised, etc.) are not allowed. In addition, the face must be shot frontally and the eyes directed toward the lens.



The head must be vertically centered.






The expression must be neutral and the subject must have the mouth closed and eyes clearly visible and open.


No shadows are allowed on the face or in the background.




The photo must be in-focus and the face clearly recognizable.




The photo must be in-focus and the face clearly recognizable.




The depth of the image has to show clearly both the front of the face (forehead to chin) and both sides of the face (ear to ear).



Photos with reflections and effects due to flash or other lighting sources are not allowed.




The photo must have appropriate contrast and brightness. Facial features must be well defined and optimal resolution of facial features and parts of the face used for recognition purposes are required.


The photo must be in color, and these must be natural. Photos with different coloring are not allowed. The background must be uniformly lighted.

Eyes must not be covered by hair.





No headwear is allowed unless for religious, cultural or medical reasons. In any case, the face must be clearly visible.





Glasses with tinted lenses are not allowed.




Lenses must be transparent and the eyes clearly visible.