Fingerprinting is required for everyone 12 years of age or older. The fingerprints (two) will be securely stored inside the CIE and not stored in any other place.

The clerk uses a scanner (sensor) to capture the fingerprints, on which the citizen will place the fingers.

Fingerprints must be acquired starting from the index finger of the right hand and then from the index finger of the left hand.

In case a fingerprint cannot be taken from the index finger, the fingerprint can be taken following the order: middle finger, ring finger and thumb for each hand. At least 3 (three) attempts will be made, moving the finger away from the sensor at each attempt. The same procedure is applied for each finger.

In order to guarantee a correct result, the operator performing the acquisition procedure ensures that:

  • the finger placed on the sensor is actually the one requested by the operator;
  • the fingers are not covered by patinas or films that could alter the image;
  • the finger is correctly positioned on the surface of the scanner, as illustrated in the figures below showing the correct positions (YES) and the incorrect positions (NO). The correct position of the finger is flat, centered, with the correct pressure of the fingertip, without vertical or horizontal inclination and without lateral rotation.