Release and renew in Italy

You can request the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) at any Municipality; if you have a Paper Identity Card you can request it even before the deadline.

The Electronic Identity Card can be requested at the Municipality of residence or domicile from one hundred and eighty days before the expiry date of one’s identity card or following loss, theft or deterioration.

Identity cards issued on paper and CIE issued pursuant to the Decree of the Minister of the Interior of November 8, 2007 setting forth “technical rules for the Electronic Identity Card” can be renewed even before the 180th day prior to expiration.

The duration depends on the age of the citizen.

In detail:

  • Lasts 3 years for minors under 3 years of age
  • It lasts 5 years for minors between 3 and 18 years of age.
  • Lasts 10 years for adults

The citizen must go to the municipal office with a passport photo, in paper or electronic format on a USB support.

In the case of booking the appointment in the Municipality through, the citizen will have the possibility to provide in advance the passport photo in digital format by uploading it on the website.

The passport photo must be of the same type as those used for passport. Instructions on proper photo-taking are available in the section “Photo acquisition procedures“.

It is highly recommended to provide your tax code or health card at the time of application in order to speed up the registration procedures.

In order to issue the Electronic Identity Card, a fee of € 16.79 plus the fixed and secretarial fees, where applicable, must be paid to the municipality’s offices. The number of the receipt of payment must be preserved.

In case the applicant for the CIE is parent of minors, it is necessary that the applicant also present a declaration of consent to expatriation signed by the other parent or by the person exercising parental responsibility, pursuant to Law no. 1185 of 1967. Alternatively, it is necessary to provide the authorization of the tutelary judge. The authorization of the judge must be provided also in case the request for issuing the document concerns a minor.

The citizen, at the moment of the application:

  • In the case of first issuance will exhibit to the clerk another valid identity document. If not in possession, two witnesses must accompany the citizen to the municipal office;
  • In case of renewal or deterioration of the old document, the citizen will give the old document to the clerk;
  • Give the clerk the tax code and the number of the Card payment receipt (if available);
  • Verifies with the clerk the personal data collected from the municipal registry;
  • Provides, if needed, the contact addresses to receive communication about the document delivery;
  • Indicates the preferred modality of collection of the document (delivery to a specified address or withdrawal from the Town Hall);
  • Provides the clerk with the photograph;
  • Proceed with the clerk to acquire fingerprints, according to the procedures available at the link “Fingerprint acquisition procedures“.
  • Provides the consent or denial to organ donation;
  • Signs the summary form and proceeds to the final verification of the data.

The citizen will receive the CIE at the specified address within 6 working days. A delegated person will be able to withdraw the document, as far the personal details have been provided to the clerk at the moment of the request.

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