The contactless microchip integrated in the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) is a safe and unique tool to verify the identity of the holder and to access online services of public administrations and companies.

The microchip securely stores the holder’s personal and biometric data (photo and fingerprints), and information for online identification.

These data, with the exception of fingerprints, can be read using a computer with a contactless smartcard reader or a smartphone with an NFC (Near Field Communication) reader.

Access to fingerprints is only allowed to supervisory authorities with specific authorizations.

Identity verification

The microchip contained in the CIE, same as passport and residence permit, complies with the international ICAO 9303 recommendations governing the characteristics of electronic travel documents, identified by the presence of the following symbol:

This allows the use of the CIE as a travel document recognized by Schengen countries.

The reading and verification of the personal and biometric data stored in the microchip ensures the authenticity of the document and the identity of the holder, improving the efficiency and the security of police checks.

In accordance with international standards, the reading of the personal data and the photograph is achieved by reading an access key printed on the document (CAN – Card Access Number or MRZ – Machine Readable Zone). Therefore, it is not possible for a device to read personal data without the owner’s consent.

ID.E.A. (IDentity Easy Access), an app for smartphones equipped with NFC interface, free of charge, able to read and verify the data of the CIE can verify the document authenticity. For more information see the section of the website dedicated to physical identity.

Access to online services

The CIE extends the traditional concept of identity, providing citizens with a unique and secure digital key to access online services of public administrations and companies, also on mobile devices. For more information visit the section of the website dedicated to digital identity.

The specifications of the microprocessor, the CIE file system and the profile of the authentication certificate are available here.

Technical specifications


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