Territorial and border controls.

Police checks are faster and more effective, also on the move and through e-gates.

The microchip securely stores biometric and personal data of the holder (photo and fingerprints), and provides information for online identification.

IDEA (Identity Easy Access) is the app developed by the State Printing Works and Mint to immediately ascertain the authenticity of the CIE and other electronic documents bearing ICAO 9303 symbol:

Providing access to verify biometric data stored on the CIE enhances the security of checks.

The access to the fingerprints is allowed only to the control authorities with specific authorizations. it is not possible to read the fingerprints with a computer equipped with a contactless smartcard reader or with a smartphone equipped with an NFC (Near Field Communication) reader.

Fingerprints presence is important in case there are doubts about the identity of the person who might look very similar to the CIE holder, but is not.