How to allow “Entra con CIE ” access

The Electronic Identity Card (CIE) is the access key, issued by the Italian State, to authenticate with the highest levels of security to the online services of Public Administrations that provide this service.

All central and local administrations, public bodies and agencies must provide access to their online services via CIE.

With the CIE citizens will no longer be required to use different credentials for each administration. Thanks to the implementation of the Italian eIDAS node, CIE holders will be able to access online services in other EU countries (e.g. university services, banking services, public administration services, other online services).

To allow the access with CIE you simply need to:

  • register on the Service Provider Federation Portal and make the application;
  • designate a technology partner (PAs or private individuals supporting other administrations to access the CIE system);
  • verify the conformity, merge the metadata and immediately receive the outcome;
  • verify the activity status at any time.

The technical details are available in the technical manual and the operational manual.

To obtain the list of service providers enabled to authenticate with CIE click here.

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