Digital identification

Find out how to use the digital identity associated with your Electronic Identity Card (CIE).

The Electronic Identity Card (CIE) is the access and authentication key issued by the State to access the online services of the Public Administrations and participating private individuals with all the levels of security provided.

With CIE you can:

  • Access digital services, such as those offered by your Municipality, through a mechanism recognized at European level;
  • Carry out registration or check-in procedures (hotels, telephone operators, financial institutions, providers, etc.) easily and in secure conditions;
  • Transport (bus, tram, metro gates, car/bike sharing, etc.), replacing single or season tickets;
  • Events (museums, sports events, concerts, etc.), replacing tickets;
  • Workplaces, in place of the ID badge, both for access control and for attendance monitoring.

You can access the participating online services with the digital identity associated with your CIE quickly and easily; authentication can take place through 3 levels of authentication with increasing security, depending on the service requested;
level 1: access using a pair of credentials (username and password),
level 2: access using level 1 credentials and a temporary OTP code,
level 3: use of smartphone equipped with NFC or external NFC reader technology is required for reading the CIE.

Find out more about levels 1 and 2 and level 3.

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