The CIE ensures the phisical identification of the owner by verifying the personal and biometric data stored in the microchip, protected according to the security mechanisms provided for by the ICAO 9303 recommendations, the same governing the issuance of the electronic passport and the electronic residence permit.

Through the use of the IDEA (Identity Easy Access) app it is possible to verify the authenticity of electronic documents using an Android smartphone equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

With the receipt issued by the municipality at the time of request is possible to verify the physical identity of the citizens who do not yet have received the CIE. The receipt issued by the municipality upon request of the electronic ID card has the value of an identification document until the day before the date of delivery of the CIE.

The Ve.Do. app scan the QR Code to verify the receipt and to check the processing status of the CIE.


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