Entra con CIE – Level 1 and 2

How to access Public Administration and private individuals’ services through Level 1 and Level 2 authentication

The Digital Identity associated with the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) provides Italian citizens with easy, fast and secure access to online services of the Public Administration and private individuals adhering to the ‘Enter with CIE’ identification system. This is also allowed by the use of univocal credentials that comply with the security levels provided by the European legislation.

According to the various type of service, access to online services is guaranteed by different security levels of authentication with different access modes and devices:

  • Level 1 (L1): access with a pair of credentials, namely a username (chosen among the CIE serial number, personal tax code or e-mail address) and a password (chosen by the citizen).
  • Level 2 (L2): access with Level 1 credentials (username and password) plus the generation of a temporary access code (OTP) that is necessary to authorise access with:
    • an SMS
    • a push notification on the CieId app

Alternatively, with the CieID app it will be possible to access Level 1 and Level 2 online services by simply framing the QR Code on the login page and confirming your identity through biometric authentication or your CieID app code (chosen by the citizen).

Level 1 (L1) and level 2 (L2) access does not require any particular technology (whereas NFC technology is requested to access level 3 online services with CIE).

How to activate Level 1 and Level 2 credentials

In order to use your credentials, you have first to “activate” them by following the online procedure which is available in the “Activate” section. Even if you have not received your physical card yet, but you have already applied for a CIE at the Municipality and provided your contact details (mobile phone number and e-mail address), you can activate anyway your credentials by simply:

  • entering your tax code, the serial number of your CIE and a few digits from the first half of the PUK code (that you can find on the receipt you were given) and then continuing with the activation procedure. Have you lost or can’t remember the PUK code? Find out how to retrieve it from the CieID app


  • performing a Level 3 access to your personal area and then continuing with the activation procedure.

The activation of level 2 (L2) credentials is subject to the activation of level 1 (L1) credentials and can be carried out:

  • together with the activation of Level 1 credentials, or
  • by authenticating to your personal area with Level 1 credentials and then continuing with the activation procedure for Level 2 credentials.

You can suspend or revoke at any time your Level 1 (L1) and Level 2 (L2) credentials through dedicated features available in your personal area.