PIN and PUK loss procedures

If, following a loss, a citizen requires the reprinting of one or both halves of the security codes PIN and PUK associated with his CIE 3.0, the municipal officer, after having identified the person who made the request, can reprint the two codes using the appropriate function of the CIEOnline issuing system.

The CIE issuance system can be accessed through the Operator Smart Card (SCO). In the menu you will find the Reprint PIN/PUK function, that allow to enter the data of the CIE codes to be reprinted. It is possible to reprint one or both halves of the PIN and PUK codes.

In case the reprinting of the second half of the codes is requested, the second half will be sent by e-mail to the address indicated by the citizen when requesting the CIE or to any other address (PEC is not allowed).

If the applicant does not possess an e-mail account, it is possible to explicitly request the paper reprint of the second half of the codes. In this case it is necessary that the applicant provides the authorization to the municipal officer.

If no e-mail address is supplied, the system generates the authorization form to print and submit to the citizen for signature. Once it is signed, the document can be digitally acquired in the system, thus allowing the printing of the second half of the PIN and PUK codes.

Training Material

For more information on the use of the workstations and the applications used for the issuance of the Electronic Identity Card (CIE), watch the video course on each workstation, following the corresponding link on the desktop. Otherwise, you can consult the Training Material section of CieOnline, where it is possible to consult the manual of the processes of use of the applications installed on the workstation.

For further details and to join possible training sessions concerning the use of the workstations send an e-mail to the CIE assistance service,

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