What is the Electronic Identity Card?

The Electronic Identity Card (CIE) is the identity document of Italian citizens issued by the Ministry of the Interior and produced by the Italian Printing Work and State Mint. Thanks to highly advanced security and anti-counterfeiting elements, it grants the holder’s identity verification and the access to online services of Public Administrations both in Italy and in many EU countries (see the list).


The Electronic Identity Card verify the holder’s identity, during administrative procedures at public offices or in any situation that requires identity verification.

The CIE is equipped with a contactless microchip that allows the holder to complete important tasks such as the access to online services of Public Administrations that support the CIE. The increasing use of digital identity, has led many public administrations to integrate the identification system “Entra con CIE” in their online services (here is the complete list), providing users with fast and secure access.

The CIE allows users to sign a digital document through an advanced electronic signature (FEA) in the context of the Public Administration and between private individuals.

How to apply

The Electronic Identity Card is issued upon expiration of the paper-based identity card or in case of loss, theft or deterioration.

The Simplifications Decree Law (16 July 2020, n.76), aimed at encouraging the use of the CIE, allowed to request the new document also before the natural expiry date of the former ID card for citizens with paper based ID cards or with first or second generation of electronic ID cards.

To renew the identity card it is necessary to contact the Municipality of residence or domicile.

Some municipalities provide the e-environment for the online booking. With the “Prenotazioni CIE” system, users with residence or domicile in one of these municipalities can schedule an appointment to request the electronic ID card at this link. Alternatively, it is possible to contact the municipality and book an appointment by phone or via internet.

Once the request procedure has been completed, the Italian Printing Works and State Mint will send the new CIE directly to the address indicated by the citizen within 6 working days.


The CIE validity period depends on the ID card owner’s age: 3 years for minors up to the age of 3; 5 years for minors aged between 3 and 18; 10 years for adults over the age of 18.

The CIE has a fixed cost of €16.79. There may be higher costs in some municipalities that charge specific secretarial costs and fixed fees.

For further information on how to request the Electronic Identity Card, you can consult the section of the site dedicated to the request to the municipality.

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